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May 10, 2017 • 4 min read

Customer Service Job Interview Questions

Customer Service Handshake Image Jobs in customer service vary greatly and the benefit of having customer service experience on your resume is so great that it cannot be understated. Almost every job you have in your life will have interaction with people. Even those employed in high authority professions such as law enforcement and the military can benefit from customer service experience.

Now suppose that you have you have a customer service job interview pending. So you need to prepare. In this article we consider some questions that appear at many job interviews, and we have included some suggestions on how you may wish to answer.

Tell Me About Your Work History

Many interviewers you interview with will ask you to talk about what you have done for work in the past. Highlight all of your relevant experience with the most detail. Talk extremely briefly about non-customer service experience. Mention when you had the job, the title, and a brief of your duties, with a focus on how you provided value for your customers.

How Have You Gone Above and Beyond For a Customer in the Past?

This question is very popular on any customer service related interviews. The most important thing with this question is to answer truthfully. Find a real experience in your life when you went above and beyond to help someone. If you do not have customer service experience, you can still answer this question.

Think back to volunteer experience or other things you have done in life. Chances are you can find a relevant experience. You want to keep the answer as short as possible, but you want to illustrate how you benefited the customer also. For instance, your customer asked for help in processing a merchandise return, and you did that but also provided your customer suggestions on other products that may be helpful to them, and a coupon for a free in store coffee as a service courtesy, then you went above and beyond the basic level of service.

What About Customer Service Interests You?

Of course, like with all other questions you should answer honestly. Even if customer service is not the end goal of your life, you should show that you have an interest in such a career. It is always advisable to focus on the present opportunity during the job interview. If you are not sure what your honest answer is, here is a good way to answer it:

I really enjoy the ability to help people get what they need. What interests me even more though is the challenge that I will face everyday trying to gauge what every customer needs, and subsequently provide information to them that helps them to make the most informed decision.

Do You Prefer to Work As A Team or Alone?

This is a trick answer because as a customer service provider you will have to perform both in a team environment, and also as an individual. Here is the answer that we recommend.

I am perfectly capable of working as an individual, which I feel is important. You need to be strong as yourself in order to be able to do any job. But nobody is perfect by themselves, so working as a team is important also. Customer service relies on everyone at the company.

What Is Your Availability?

Be honest about any availability conflicts you have such as school. Almost any employer will understand the importance of school for example. Here is a great way to phrase the answer if you do not have any conflicts: I don’t have any availability conflicts and believe that work is an important part of my life.

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

While asked almost everywhere in interviews, your greatest weakness is a hard question to answer. Look deep inside yourself and find an honest answer. No matter what you pick to be your greatness weakness it is important to seem authentic and honest. Here is an example answer:

I believe my greatest weakness is that I care too much. Sometimes I get so focused on a making a customer happy that I forget that there are other customers.

Here are a few more tips for all of the questions you are asked:

  • Unless you are asked, keep all of your answers as brief as you can. Be prepared to elaborate if the interviewers ask.
  • Research the company to help get ideas for your answers. This shows that you have done work, have an interest in the company, and that you know how to handle an interview.
  • Practice saying your interview questions multiple times to be prepared. Don’t make it sound too rehearsed though.
  • Be prepared with questions of your own. This shows that you have done your research and that you are interested in the company. Job interviews are stressful but preparing for them takes half of the stress away. You get a sense of readiness when you are practiced too. Use these questions and suggestions to help get you ready for your interview. Good luck, get that job!
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