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Feb 28, 2017 • 4 min read

Find a Job in New City

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Sometimes finding a job at any location can seem fairly challenging in and itself. So attempting to locate a job in a particular city that you are planning to relocate to, or that you have already relocated to, can feel even more challenging due to the additional geographic constraints. However, several steps can be taken to improve the odds of gaining a high quality job in a reasonable time frame. These include:.

Local City Hall

The municipal city hall will often contain many valuable leads for the local employers in your region. They may have a notice board, a web site, or even assigned personnel to help you to find local jobs in your area(s) of skill and experience. They will be able to refer you to government institutions that can help you to identify job leads or even places where you can obtain employment.

Largest Employers

Often the largest eight to twelve employers at a given location are responsible for a significant proportion of the total job vacancies. It is easy to determine who the largest local employers are. The local municipality will often have a list of the largest employers that they will gladly share with you. The largest employers are often more active in regionally sponsored events like charity events, walkathons, and golf tournaments. Their presence can even be observed by the signage that is present on the larger office buildings, as well as commercial billboards along the roadways.

General Online Job Sites

A great deal of information is available on the internet related to not only finding the jobs with immediate vacancies, but also general tips and advice on all career related matters. Such job sites are typically free of charge for employees. Many of these sites are accessible while away from the residence via portable electronic devices like cell phones and tablet computers, and hence you can even utilize them in public places like libraries, shopping malls, public parks, etc.

Local Online Job Sites

There may be job sites that have specialized in providing the job placements that are situated in your locale. They may cater to very specific geographic regions, and also have a greater focus towards specific job types. These job sites can be determined by inquiring with your acquaintances, or by performing an Internet search through popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Article Writing

Authoring articles can really help to raise your profile within the local community. An excellent way to achieve this is by volunteering to write an article written on a topic that exhibits your professional knowledge. For example, as cook you may want to write an article on a recipe of foods that a person can prepare with a limited amount of ingredients and time. Similarly, if you are in the hospitality industry you may wish to write an article on how to increase customer satisfaction while they are residing in hotels. With the vast amount of material available today, especially in electronic form, it is critical to prioritize quality over quantity so that you can obtain the attention of even the busiest people.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering can be a great way to increase your chances of landing a good job. Institutions that are frequently quite open to volunteer activities include hospitals, community centers, community colleges, charity organization, and universities. While volunteering can seem a bit counterproductive at first if you are looking to find a job quickly, it is often an excellent method for building solid contacts in the area that you know for years. The volunteering effort is sure to lead to excellent job leads, a very positive reference, or perhaps even an employment opportunity with one of the organization for which you have volunteered. The organizations with which you have volunteered can also provide a very favorable reference to you for future opportunities.

Professional Training Courses

At times you may have the majority of the required qualifications for a certain type of employment, inclusive of the education. However, the employer may still feel that you have to develop your aptitudes in certain areas in order to perform the needed job functions at the required level of proficiency. In this case, it may be helpful to enroll into and complete a selection of courses that are targeted towards the type of employment that you seek. An easy way to determine which types of courses you will need to complete is to inquire with potential employers, as well as the continuing education departments of the nearby schools. And you can also ask to yourself, are there any particular type of courses that would really help you to understand certain aspects about your chosen field of employment that you currently do not fully understand, or perhaps you may understand but want the confirmation or a refresher course from a training institution.

Often it will in fact be a combination of the above techniques that will be most effective. It may be necessary to study the dynamics of the region where you are seeking employment, and to customize your approach to prioritize the methods that seem most promising. The important thing is to be proactive, and to maintain a positive attitude throughout the job search process.

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