About Us

At Greatest Hire we pride ourselves in providing an extremely easy to use web based platform to help employees and employers connect with one another for exciting job opportunities. For employees, we make the process of finding locally based jobs fun, efficient, and rewarding. For employers, we make it easy to locate and hire the most talented employees.

How we help employees find the best local jobs

As an employee, you get to provide a rich user profile containing your key achievements and skill-sets. You can include images of yourself, portfolio of your achievements, as well as file attachments such as your resume. You can provide information on your whereabouts, means of transportation, and the work hours during which you are available. Then you can search for jobs in the region(s) where you would like to work, look at ratings of the employers, ask questions and read responses about the jobs which interest you, and apply for the most exciting opportunities.
Our solution helps you with the salary negotiation, and keeps things well organized with an integrated scheduling calendar mailbox. Once you have completed your assignment, you have the option to provide feedback on the employer on your work experience, and also to receive feedback on your assignment which will help you to stand out as an exceptional employee.

How we help employers find talented employees

As an employer, you can provide a full featured profile of yourself to candidate employees include of the description of your business and location, your company's business hours, along with any photos of items such as the work site location, products which your company produces, tools of the trade, company events, etc. You can make your profile even more prominent as a featured employer, and even advertise for services and products by creating banner advertisements.
When you are ready to hire, you can create a rich job listing complete with its own metrics for providing employee recommendations, photos and attachments, and key requirements. You can then wait for the employees apply for your job, or you can scan through the employee listings and reach out to the most promising employees. Employees have ratings and other information available which helps you to quickly determine which are the best employees to consider.
Our solution helps you along every step of the recruitment process by keeping things well organized with the integrated mailbox. You can use our wage negotiation tool to help negotiate salary, and when the assignment is complete you can provide ratings to the employee on the work performed. Our records management keeps information on all of your expenses to provide an accurate account on your costs.
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