General Overview

For Employers

For Employees

How We Help Employees

We can help you to quickly find the best local jobs. Here is the process:

  • Search for the nearby jobs which interest you.
  • Ask any questions to the employer directly via private messaging or on the Q&A board.
  • Apply for the jobs which you like that fit your schedule.
  • Confidentially negotiate the wages with the employer.
  • Rate your experience with the employer upon job completion.

Main Steps for Employees

Sign-up for free. Provide some basic data for your profile such as your name and contact information, general location, availability, skill sets, and any additional information which you want to highlight.

How it Works - Sign Up

Search the map for the available jobs, or have a look at the employers in your area. Ask questions in a public forum or privately. Flag the jobs that seem interesting, or shortlist the employers which you like.

How it Works - Map Based Search for Jobs

Apply for the jobs you like, indicating your desired an minimum accetable wage. Use our calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts. Negotiate wages confidentially with the employer.

How it Works - Apply for Job

Optionally rate your employment experience with the employer with quantitative and qualitative ratings.

How it Works - Provide Ratings for Employer

How We Help Employers

Greatest Hire can help you to find the best employees. With our service, you can:

  • Find employees closest to your work site with accurate distances.
  • Examine employee profiles, and invite the best employees with the top ratings to consider your job. Or wait for employees to apply.
  • Provide answers to commonly asked questions on the public questions and answers board.
  • See potential scheduling conflicts between employee’s availability and your business hours.
  • Independently and confidentially negotiate wages with each of the job candidates.
  • Contact backup employees if there are last minute cancellations.
  • Rate the employees when the job has completed.

Main Steps for Employers

Sign-up for free. Input some basic information like your business name and contact information, general location, business hours, and any additional information which you want to highlight.

How it Works - Sign Up

Create your job listing for full time, part-time, contract, or temporary jobs. Specify the starting date and work duration if desired. Indicate the number of vacancies, key requirements, and priorities for the job.

How it Works - Create Job Listing

Search for employees using the map based search. You can receive recommendations on the top employees, and you can produce a shortlist of the best candidates.

How it Works - Map Based Search for Employees

Invite one or more applicants for your job listing. Applicants can also review your job listing and apply.

How it Works - Invite Applicants

Optionally provide ratings on the performance of the employees when they have completed the assignment.

How it Works - Provide Ratings for Employees
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